Rubber Products

Rubber Moulding

Ismat is a market pioneer when it comes to creating bespoke molded rubber goods for use in a variety of sectors.
We are experts in product concept design and development, and we support our clients throughout the entire product development process.

Our product designers, engineers, and knowledgeable technicians work closely with our clients to comprehend their needs and guide them through every step of the process, from design selection and mold production to material identification.

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Rubber Extrusions

Rubber Extrusions

Extruded rubber products are widely used in industrial applications.
Its resilience, elasticity, and flexibility make it an excellent choice for shock absorption, sealing, and fluid transportation applications.

Extruded rubber profiles are used in a variety of construction sealing and gasketing applications.
They are available in a variety of compounds and styles to meet the needs of specific end-users.

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