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Ismat Engineering's product catalogue is always expanding and designed to offer clients’ the equipment and solutions they need to address their operational needs. The experienced team is always ready and available to help provide assistance and recommendations on products that meet needs, circumstances and budgets.

All types of caster wheels available in a variety of materials, sizes and designs – for use across all industries. Custom-manufacturing of caster wheels for special cases and applications.

Complete fabrication from concept to development of steel, aluminum, stainless and non-ferrous metals – including machining, laser cutting, bending, folding, welding, assembly, surface finishing, polishing and casting.

Choose from a wide range of industrial parts, metal forming parts, tools, oil field supplies, mining products, papers and corrugated parts, steel parts, and custom-made products – engineered for durability, stability and reliability.

Rubber corner guards, Rubber wheel stoppers, rubber speed humps, rubber wall guards, rubber cable protectors and loading bay bumpers. Specialization in custom-made products.

Rubber pavers and rubber tiles available in a variety of thickness, colors, shapes and designs. Ideal for a variety of applications including paving, flooring (for offices, gyms, play areas, corridors, roofs, barns, etc.) and landscaping.

Anti-vibration mounts (cylindrical, sandwich, machine, foot and motor mounts), spider/jaw coupling, rubber bellows, vacuum cups, rubber chutes, rubberizing, re-rubberizing, drum lagging, and customized product manufacturing.

GATE, GLOBE, CHECK, Y-STRAINER and BALL Valves in Forged Steel specifications. Customized in-house forging, machining and assembly -test inspection operations and services – for customers, engineers and distributors.

Conveyor, processing belts for the food & beverage, logistics, printing, sports, leisure and packaging industries. Galvanized, Hot-Dipped, Zinc Plated, and Stainless-Steel U-Bolts with different types of rubber, polyurethane and PTFE bonded coatings – available in a variety of cross-sections.

Natural rubber sheets, nylon and cotton reinforced rubber sheets, EPDM and Nitrile Rubber sheets, Viton Rubber Sheets, Silicone Rubber Sheets, Shot blasting sheets, electrical grade rubber sheets. Mats available in Ribbed rubber, rubber hollow and coin studded designs.

Cylindrical, square, M-Type, W-Type, Tug, Key Hole, Molded, Laminated, PU Foam, D-O/D-D and Boat fenders. Hatch packings and rubber impellers. Vulcan, gear and segment couplings.

Nylon, UHMWPE, PTFE-Virgin, Dimpled, PTFE-Filled, Peek, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polyacetal – Delrin, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Phenolic Sheets (HYLAM) – Fabric and Paper based, Bushes, Washers, Gears, Sheets, Rods, Sleeves, Back-Up Rings, Pads and Pulleys.

Products made from rubber extrusion are frequently employed in industrial settings. Since it is resilient, elastic, and flexible, it is a good choice for applications involving fluid transmission, shock absorption, and sealing

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